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 Best products, Best service and the Best price…

 Promastech began January’2010, and we are a group of experienced technical people with more than 20 years in distribution market for electronic industry.      

We are present in Spain,Portugal & Brazil  7 people, 4 of them dedicated to training and technical service; one software engineer and one more in mechanical design engineer completes our technical team.

The main feature that differentiates us from other distributors, besides representing several recognized brands for the electronic industry, is that we have an engineering department that allows the equipments adaptation to the customer needs.  

All the professionals working at PROMASTECH come from the electronic industry. We believe in the quality of the technical and commercial service with a personalized contact.  


PMT Products

Selective Soldering

  • Pillarhouse

    Pillarhouse have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of selective soldering and coil winding equipment for the electronics and PCB related in

Representative Products

  • MP Dry Cabinet

    MP DRY Cabinet is a drying cabinet that we have developed to meet all customer requirements for storage of the same PCB and MSD components with excellent perfor